Mozilla Sunbird Portable

1.0 Beta 1

The portable version of this great online calendar


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A couple of years ago Mozilla launched a tool that was designed to complement Firefox and Thunderbird. It was a practical calendar/agenda that included all the basic utilities a tool of this type could possibly need.

Following in the footsteps of its older sisters in its nice and simple design, Sunbird gives its users the full capacity to plan and manage their own time using a virtual agenda.

The program lets users view the calendar in several different ways, as they can organize it by days, weeks, months, etc., this will be very appreciated by many. Plus, it lets you program much needed alarms.

Sunbird brings together all the features you could possible need in the best calendar-agenda, which united to the successful interface already used on previous Mozilla applications, makes this tool a safe bet.

Plus, on this new version, you can enjoy Mozilla Sunbird anywhere as it's a portable version that doesn’t require installation and which you can run on any computer. All you need is a portable storage device to transport it in.
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